Remember when
It was all a test
How far could you push
Before I started to pull
You got pretty far
I must admit
I let you into my space
But worse
I let you into my air
Where you took that clean space
And made it your home
For a few months
When you found
The air was too giving
You simply left
Now I have nothing
I am dying like a flame
Held too long under your care
You had me at hello
And you couldn’t stop there
My inside is bleak
My conscience is bare


I could lick your face
Grab the side of it and go
In your car
The taste of tart
Tip of my tongue
A flavor I must learn
To acquire
If I can
I know you come with tart
I can see it
On your palms
Soft but with a callus
Or two
Don’t worry
I don’t need to hear it
I can see her right there
You do a terrible job of hiding
What you don’t know
Is that I beat you
To your own…