Remember when
It was all a test
How far could you push
Before I started to pull
You got pretty far
I must admit
I let you into my space
But worse
I let you into my air
Where you took that clean space
And made it your home
For a few months
When you found
The air was too giving
You simply left
Now I have nothing
I am dying like a flame
Held too long under your care
You had me at hello
And you couldn’t stop there
My inside is bleak
My conscience is bare


I could lick your face
Grab the side of it and go
In your car
The taste of tart
Tip of my tongue
A flavor I must learn
To acquire
If I can
I know you come with tart
I can see it
On your palms
Soft but with a callus
Or two
Don’t worry
I don’t need to hear it
I can see her right there
You do a terrible job of hiding
What you don’t know
Is that I beat you
To your own…


It is possible
To be an element of earth
And still feel your heat
The bull and the ram
Tango fiercely with our thoughts
Never to give
Never to let down
Can’t you see
I am a sensitive bull
Trying to break you
I see you want
And I see you try
Come to me with no force
But with hands open wide
So I might let myself go
Into you deeply
That’s where I want to be
And so shall I try
To break off this idea
That I must be stronger
Than that gaze you give me
We must reach a common term
I give, and you give as well
Or we will die trying
To get closer to each other
With horns pointed sharp
At each other’s hearts