The dream I have

Is to hear your voice

Echoing in the back of my mind

Yet to be clear

I hear nothing at all

Not so much as a whisper or cry

The days drag on

And I miss your voice

My god, how I miss that low hum

Sometimes I dream

And I see you face

Your body, your hands

Reaching out to me

But I hear no voice

And soon you fade

Like a whimper unheard from a dying breed

I just died inside.

Because even in sleep you are just a vision

A beautiful and painful one at best

For when we sang

It was my life

Now the singing is over

A silence has constricted my heart

Like a cast iron rod

Always knowing the weakest parts to stab

When to throw in the cards

To give up this stark pain

Hope is a disgusting habit

I have acquire in your absence

But it is all I have

So next time you see me

If you can

Call out my name

And we will sing again




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